quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2013

Living in NYC

Seriously, there can’t be anything more expensive than living in NYC, except maybe living in Tokyo or London, but you’re not switching countries just yet. I know, if you want to make it in the "Industry" then you gotta move to NYC. You also have to refer to it as the "Industry". Seriously, moving to NYC is a serious power move. After living in NYC, your lame as hell Midwestern upbringing suddenly become quaint. When you go home for the holidays you can tweet about how much you miss driving, Instagram photos of insanely cheap bar tabs and generally comment patronizingly about how "sweet" and "nice" the Midwest is compared to NYC. You will tell everyone that “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.” Just don’t let them in on how you no longer have air conditioning, how you never go to the museums or eat at any of the famous restaurants. Instead, you eat at food trucks and some random pizza place in Brooklyn. Also, you will become an expert on Pho, despite you being clearly not Asian. Everyone in New York loves pho and katsu because everyone in the Midwest knows about sushi already. Within two weeks you are a “New Yorker” and are allowed to complain about two topics all New Yorkers must be fluent in complaining about: 1. The weather and 2. Slow walking tourists. GOD, DON'T YOU HATE PEOPLE WHO MARVEL AT THE ARCHITECTURE AND SOAK UP THE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS?

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SP ♥ disse...

Como sempre, maravilhoso :)

Gosto do novo layout!

Beijinhos, Sara

Sex and the Country

o mesmo de sempre. disse...

ahah muito bom! acredito que faça sentido!

E disse...


NYC é um sonho antigo. Sonho nao, desejo.

O mesmo de sempre

Eu acho que está muito correcto ;)