quarta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2013

O Mundo Por Lebowitz

(about children) I`m just intrigued by them, because, to me, they`re like talking animals. Their consciouness is so different from ours that they constitute a different species
In the case of most good writers the writing is better than they are.
Questão: what if you dictated a book?
Resposta: Then you would have a dictated book.
Questão: What`s the difference?
Resposta: That`s no writing
If there were no such thing as men, there would be no word processors. Male writers like them because they have this sneaking suspicion that writing is not the most masculine profession
I look at my dictionary, a Webster`s Second Unabridged with nine million words in it and think, all the words I nedd are in there; they`re just in the wrong order.

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